Why do you need Proactivitee?

With Proactivitee,
you more effectively manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle
and simplify related maintenance and administrative operations. Also, you gain a greater understanding of
what assets exist, where these assests are located and how
they are being used.

More than 60% of the
companies worldwide have no controlled insight about their assets (Gartner). This means lack of overall control, being unable to minimize security and eliminate potential operational threats.

Is your business data at risk?



80% decrease of unpredictable IT support calls

Proactively visit your users when your systems or applications are getting first signs of a future problem and dramatically decrease unpredictable customer support calls.

Fewer user interruptions

30% less interruptions of your users from their daily work routine means a lot of productive time saved for your business.

Save on repair costs

Why waiting for your hardware to break? A cooler not working will get your power source heating up which in turn will stop offering constant voltage, immediately followed by your processor, motherboard or hard drive failure.


Safely remove unnecessary programs running on start-up will improve your systems performance and your users productivity.

Alarm immediately

For critical events like a Smart HDD going wild, you will get an alarm in no time. Or configure your own critical events that should not wait.

Get reports

Set your daily system reports and have a good management of the situation.





Increase systems security

Minimize security breaches by identifying antivirus or firewall unprotected workstations. Protect your confidential information and your network.

System Update

When you see something, do something. In case you spot your workstations do not have critical system updates, you can force them to connect, download and install.

Increase IT systems availability today